The Walking Dead and risk management

If there are two things you have noticed about this blog, I often write about zombies and the Moment of Risk Enlightenment. Today’s post combines both.

(Note: This post contains spoilers about season two of the Walking Dead.)

I was catching up on season two of the “post-apocalyptic” television show The Walking Dead this week. In episode seven the survivors learn that the Greene family barn is full of walkers (zombies). Up to this point the farm represented a safe haven; they had not seen any walkers on the farm since they arrived. Impact and likelihood were low. But was it?

As guests on the Greene farm for some time they were completely unaware that the walkers were locked in a barn 100 yards away, but once they experienced their Moment of Risk Enlightenment they felt: impact catastrophic and likelihood extremely likely.

Inherent risk didn’t actually change, only their perception changed once they became aware that the only thing between them and death were a few padlocks and a fence.

Always try to assess your risks accurately and objectively. Try to keep emotion out of it to ensure they are properly prioritized.

4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead and risk management

  1. Cool zombie symbolism. It’s rarely the facts that undo us. It’s the perception. The way we experience the challenge. Check out my blog on zombie symbolism if you get a chance:)

    1. Thanks for the comments. I will have a look at your post but I still have a few more episodes to watch. Wouldn’t want to spoil anything.

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