Felix Kloman, the Rocket and risk management


I received an email from Felix Kloman last Friday.

If you do not know about Mr. Kloman’s work, then I strongly suggest that you click on the Felix Kloman (Legend) link in my Blogroll to find his Risk Management Reports or look for his books The Fantods of Risk and Mumpsimus Revisited: Essays on Risk Management.

It was because of Mr. Kloman that I started writing about risk management in the first place. So now imagine how I felt receiving an email out of the blue from Mr. Kloman and then to learn he is as equally passionate about risk management and hockey as I am? (Ironically, my Canadiens de Montreal blanked his New York Rangers 4-0 later that night. Sadly, no money was wagered.)

As I explained to Mr. Kloman in my reply, I had the good fortune of seeing hockey legend Maurice “Rocket” Richard up close once as he waved at fans from a convertible on the day the Montreal Forum closed; the note from Mr. Kloman was the risk management-equivalent of my Rocket sighting.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t impart on my readers some of Mr. Kloman’s wisdom: “One cannot take risk management too seriously”.


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