Reputation risk at Delta Airlines

Delta. What were you thinking?

When a soldier is coming back from war, nothing says thank you and God Bless America like charging him an extra $200 for a fourth bag (containing his weapon no less).

Thanks to the often thankless work that the men and women of the military are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq, and at home, there are likely fewer opportunities for bad guys to be flying your multi-million dollar airplanes into stuff.

Did you really need that $200 Delta Airlines? Are you with us or the terrorists?

How much more will it cost you to repair your damaged reputation now?


2 thoughts on “Reputation risk at Delta Airlines

  1. Two points catch my eye upon reading this diatribe.
    1. “Are you with us or the terrorists? “I’m astounded at the persistant attitude America has of “If you’re not with us you’re against us”. Just because someone does not agree with an opinion or action does not necessarily make them an enemy.
    2. “Did you really need that $200 Delta Airlines?” Poor form on the airlines part, unfortunately that is big business (read capitalism) for you though. People are simply numbers. But we can’t have it both ways, so choose a side and don’t moan when the bad stuff crops up.

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