I was meeting someone for lunch the other day when I reached into the breast pocket of my suit jacket and pulled out my BlackBerry only to check the time. There was a time (pun intended) when I felt naked without my wristwatch. Today, not so much. This made me wonder how many other people have stopped wearing a watch because they carry a handheld device?

Over the last decade, I can think of only two occasions when I went to work and forgot my watch. I wore my Raymond Weil “Tango” all the time. It was a gift from my in-laws when their daughter and I got engaged. Reliable. Beautiful and thin. I truly loved it.  Today, I still have the watch but no longer have the wife. (Incidentally, it’s still nice to have something that I love which is reliable, beautiful and thin.)

But in my case I don’t think the BlackBerry was the cause. I think I stopped wearing my watch when I started using a laptop as I found the band was cutting into my wrist and was interfering with my typing. Coupled with some older shirts with French cuffs that were getting too tight in the wrist, and it was just plain uncomfortable.

And much in the same way as a new generation of kids only knows cameras with a screen on the back, downloading mp3s and not CDs (or 33s!) nor the sound of a Smith Corona, I wonder if they will stop wearing watches one day? If all they know are BlackBerry devices, iPhones and mobiles, and see the time on the digital tv box and the microwave, then why would they ever start wearing a watch?