Fewer people got swine flu shot

Should Public Health really be concerned that so few people received the H1N1 vaccination last winter? http://bit.ly/cbqZAh

Do I have to explain this?

Last year when the craziness and panic was being spread by the media faster than the swine flu itself, there was a run on the vaccination centres. People were lining up for hours for the first few days. Even though the government said high risk folks, kids and old people first, everyone was lining up. What’s more they were not enforcing the rules. People from Toronto were lining up in York Region and no one was being carded. I hate line ups. Even with death on the line, a line up seemed like a great place to catch a flu.

Then for the next few weeks they enforced the rules and lines got shorter. I planned on getting vaccinated but it seemed like a month passed before they decided everyone else could get the shot.
Well by then I was not dead yet. There was no 12 Monkeys virus in the end.

Public health made it so difficult to get vaccinated that by the time it was my turn, people were more worried about their Christmas shopping than the swine flu.

I wrote about how folks could use enterprise risk management techniques for deciding if they should get the shot, at the time. And once again it looks like I was right.

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