Every time COSO releases a white paper or some thought leadership on ERM, I make a fresh pot of coffee, grab a large bag of M&Ms from Wal-Mart then sit down to read it. COSO just released new document called Strengthening Enterprise Risk Management for Strategic Advantage, “that highlights specific areas where senior management can work with its board of directors to enhance the board’s risk oversight capabilities and the organization’s strategic value.”

I will provide a review next week once I get my M&Ms. What I observed was that it’s 24-pages in length which is short by COSO standards.

Meanwhile, while scrolling through it quickly, I noticed an incomprehensible diagram called “Risk Portfolio in Relation to Risk Appetite” which was strikingly similar to diagrams of the process of osmosis which I studied in high school. You make the call.

COSO Osmosisosmosis

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