Hello. This is MARTA.

In part two of my shout out to Antony Marcano’s blog, he uses the acronym MARTA to describe the five different forms of risk treatment: mitigate, avoid, reduce, transfer and accept.

The complete post can be found here http://www.testingreflections.com/node/view/8321

Of course when I read the acronym, MARTA, it immediately made me think of the character by that name in the movie Scarface. A scene in a motel involving Tony Montana, a chainsaw and a drug deal gone bad. Here is my homage to the other Marta.

Tony walks in and is introduced to Marta, a Colombian girl with “expressionless eyes, red fingernails, and short boy-cut hair, sitting on the bed watching television.”

Hector:  Hello. This is Marta.

Tony:  Marta, hello.

Hector:  I am Hector.

Tony:  And I am Tony. So, Omar says you’re okay.

Hector:  Yeah? Good. Omar’s okay.

Tony:  Okay.

Hector:  So, you got the money?

Tony:  You got the stuff?

Hector:  Sure I have the stuff, but I don’t have it right here with me now. I got it close by.

Tony:  Well, I don’t have the money either, man. I have it close by, too.

To read more about the risk management MARTA click on the link above but to see the other Marta, go rent Scarface.

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