More on spreadsheet risk

As a follow up to my post about spreadsheet risk and best practices have a look at this link from the European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group (yes, I cannot believe such an organization exists either but they do.)

The site includes some downloads as well as examples of spreadsheet hazards at Canada’s TransAlta and the AIB/Allfirst fiasco which I wrote about recently,

Thanks to at SAS Software in the UK for pointing this site out.

One thought on “More on spreadsheet risk

  1. The Spreadsheet Risk field is much larger than you might imagine – there are academic research papers, standards bodies, risk assessment software and consulting firms.

    Two of the better known academic researchers are Ray Panko, out of the University of Hawaii ( and the Spreadsheet Error Research Project out of Tuck University (

    My company, Jerts Consulting, is one example of a firm who has developed a spreadsheet risk management practice, dedicated to helping companies identify and mitigate Spreadsheet Risk.

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