Once again, a must read for anyone who considers themselves a risk professional because they can memorize ISO 31000. (Sarcasm.)

Slywotzky describes more dangerous strategic risks like project risk, customer risk and transition risk that should be addressed, while unfortunately traditional risk managers only focus on business risks like hazards, financial risks and operating risks.

I recommend anything by Slywotzky for newbie risk managers – not because he talks about risk, on the contrary is writes about strategy – but because without a complete understanding of your organization’s strategic objectives, you are only half-a-risk manager.

First of all, let me say, I love Slywotzky, so here is an article he co-wrote in 2007 where he explains the de-risking methods developed by Toyota, Coach, Target and others that can help you to design a more flexible and resilient business, and to be better prepared to transform major risk events into huge upside opportunities.