Process Improvement for any business

I use some of the more popular Lean Six Sigma tools to improve your processes, and save you money and time because they work. I keep things simple and never use terms like lean or sigma or their Japanese variants because only the outcomes are important. They’re just tools.

There is one phrase that I hear whenever I ask people why they perform their existing processes: “Well, we’ve always done it that way so…”. It is unfortunate the amount of time your business is spending right now on unnecessary process steps which cost money and time and create zero value for your customers or stakeholders.

Say for example you have 5 people working in your accounting department; perhaps we improve some processes and reduce your headcount to 4. But in many cases you hired qualified people with financial expertise to perform critical knowledge work but instead they are spending much of their time performing manual work like re-running reports or performing reconciliations. After we collaborate to improve your workflows, you may continue to have 5 people in accounting but you will have improved their effectiveness and overall value to the organization. What’s more, they will be happier doing the challenging work they were hired to perform. That’s how it works.

The benefits of process improvement are immediate and in perpetuity. For a few hundred dollars you might save tens of thousands of dollars annually by reducing inefficiencies or re-imagining someone’s responsibilities.

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