Operational risk for small businesses

How can you possibly manage your business successfully if you don’t know anything about the uncertainties that will make you unsuccessful?

Your operational risks are often nebulous and seemingly difficult to quantify but operational risk affect your people, process and systems and will cause you to fail if you don’t identify and treat them. The size of your organization does not matter: if you have business objectives there are risks which will affect you ability to achieve them. I can help you identify them, prioritize them and manage them effectively. You don’t need to mitigate every risk; you just have to prioritize and do something about the ones that affect your objectives.

Chances are you have locks on your doors and installed a sprinkler system; you probably bought fire insurance and put salt on the sidewalk in front of your office in winter. You’re already treating some of your operational risks BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ONES YOU HAVEN’T THOUGHT ABOUT YET?

If you read my blog, you will discover that I subscribe to the notion that everyone in your organization already knows where your risks are. My operational risk management program for small and medium sized organizations takes you through a structured approach for identifying, assessing and managing those risks. Because once you write them down, prioritize them and do something about them, don’t you agree you will do a better job managing your business? (Answer: True)

Let’s collaborate and get started. Please email at trevor (at) riskczar (dot) com or call me to schedule a conversation.