If you like what you have read here or in my blog and wondering if you are in need of a risk management or process consultant then please give me call or send me an email. I promise no hard sell. At the very least, let’s have conversation (with or without coffee) about your objectives. It’s usually very easy to tell if I can help or not and if I am not the right person, I can usually recommend a larger and more expensive firm.

Although I do all my work onsite in the Greater Toronto (Ontario, Canada) Area but video chat works just fine.

Call or text me now at +1 416 894 8738 or send me an email to

Thank you.

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  1. Nice site. I like your approach. If I run across anyone looking for your services or in need of help I will be sure to send them your way.


  2. You say, “Risk management is about people and processes and not about models and systems.” Unfortunately, your play on words deceives the reader into believing there is difference between people an processes, and models and systems. In my view, people use theories (i.e., frameworks) to model reality (if there is such a thing) and systematize complexity via process technologies and designs. In the final analysis, people conceptualize solutions via models and systems in order to survive. People who cannot conceptualize via whatever means, are mute on solutions to the problems of enterprise. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I see your point. I meant to articulate that we often place too much reliance of scientific models and technology tools and believe we have adequate risk management. I lean towards the behaviour, cultural and common sense side of risk management.

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