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  Here’s a story about a watermain break in the Montreal borough of Pierrefonds, Quebec which left about fifty homes without water for a couple of days. The West Island Gazette writes: Pierrefonds residents can expect two four-litre bottles of water per household will be delivered to their door by borough workers sometime before supper, […]

  There’s an intersection in my neighbourhood that makes me nervous to drive through. Imagine a quiet suburban street that goes north-south which intersects the east-west streets that only have stop signs. I’ve observed that frequently cars travelling east-west roll through their stop or assume it is a four-way stop and the perpendicular traffic will […]

  In my third instalment of this increasingly less funny series, we look at how popular auditor and blogger Norman Marks might make a PBJ sandwich. How to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich: Norman Marks Add jam and peanut butter to bread. Perform a self-assessment to determine if that was actually peanut butter, jam and bread. Check off […]