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  Here’s a story about a watermain break in the Montreal borough of Pierrefonds, Quebec which left about fifty homes without water for a couple of days. The West Island Gazette writes: Pierrefonds residents can expect two four-litre bottles of water per household will be delivered to their door by borough workers sometime before supper, […]

  Many people will agree that risk management is important. After we identify and assess a risk, it is treated appropriately and managed to an acceptable level. But is it possible to over-risk manage? Can the treatment become so onerous that people are encouraged to find workarounds thus rendering the controls useless? And if so, […]

  There’s an intersection in my neighbourhood that makes me nervous to drive through. Imagine a quiet suburban street that goes north-south which intersects the east-west streets that only have stop signs. I’ve observed that frequently cars travelling east-west roll through their stop or assume it is a four-way stop and the perpendicular traffic will […]

My lovely wife wants to take me camping next weekend. I’ve never been camping but understand camping was a part of her life before we met. I’ve explained that I am not averse to camping despite the dirt, cold, sleeping on the ground, canned beans, raccoons, no wifi, poison ivy, bugs and bears. But am quite […]

  In my third instalment of this increasingly less funny series, we look at how popular auditor and blogger Norman Marks might make a PBJ sandwich. How to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich: Norman Marks Add jam and peanut butter to bread. Perform a self-assessment to determine if that was actually peanut butter, jam and bread. Check off […]

  One of the biggest risks about evacuating your office in the event of an emergency is getting people to actually evacuate safely. You can send all the emails you want about procedures but like the boy who cried were(wolf) sometimes we hear the warning alarms so frequently that when we really have to evacuate […]

In keeping with my Harry Potter and risk management theme, have a read at this post called “Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort and game theory” from Barry Hughes from the blog Game Theory Strategies. Harry Potter could have used game theory to defeat Lord Voldemort. No-one dared to even speak the name of Lord Voldemort, only […]