Global Risk Institute’s 2016 Summit being held in Toronto on November 17

Is anyone attending the Global Risk Institute’s 2016 Summit being held in Toronto on November 17? I am really excited about attending.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I offered to post this on their behalf in order to get the word out about the Summit, the Global Risk Institute and risk management thought leadership in general.  We are a small community and should support each other.)


The GRI 2016 summit features a series of exciting panels, breakouts and key note speakers – including Movencorp founder Brett King and Alexander Lipton of MIT/NYU. The GRI Summit is a one-day deep-dive into the business of risk. From regulation and governance, to cutting-edge technologies and emerging threats, it’s a can’t-miss gathering of industry executives from leading financial institutions including banks, insurance providers, asset/pension management, leading FinTech organisations, research institutes, and financial service associations.

Collectively this summit will bring together the theoretical and the practical by illustrating the most innovative strategies of gaining rewards in the business of global financial risk today. You can expect engaging discussions, demonstrations, research findings and an exchange of ideas and perspectives on topics such as:
· The future of digital banking
· Digital innovation in the insurance sector
· Data Security & Privacy
· Changing Landscape of Risk
· Risk Impacts of Climate Change
· Robo Advisers & Artificial Intelligence in Wealth Management
· Risk & Reward of Technological Innovation
· Big Data analytics

By way of background, the GRI was founded by the public and private sectors in Canada to respond to the their needs for better intelligence, information and training regarding risk in the financial services sector. Now expanding internationally, GRI’s mandate is to develop applied and integrative research in financial risk and enhance risk education for organizations around the world. Through research and education programs, GRI builds integrated risk management capacity for private and public sector risk professionals. GRI also acts as a hub, stimulating evidence-based debate between regulators, practitioners and academics engaged in risk.

There are a limited number of tickets for non-members still available through the Summit website.


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