You say risk management and I say shit management

I am always amazed that despite the enormous square footage of our planet and the tiny amount of poop produced by a bird that it is possible for my car to get hit. But it occurs despite how unlikely it would otherwise appear.


Shit happens.


We know this because history tells us it does. Shit happening is a universal truth. We do our best to live our lives and manage our businesses but the shit is always there. Look up or look down and it will be there. Call it bad luck, a black swan or an I-told-you-so. The shit will happen.

Risk management (read: shit management) makes an effort to do the following:

a) prevent shit from happening altogether;

b) limit the size of the turd that forms;

c) have enough wipes on hand to clean up the mess; or

d) make sure the shit falls on someone else’s lawn.


So what are you prepared to do about it?

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