Rant about mobile phones and E. coli

The book Fast Food Nation was one of my favourites when I read it years ago specifically the chapter about the risks of E. coli and the meat packing industry. One of the most memorable quotes I know came from this book: “There is shit in the meat”.

Well I guess now we can say there’s shit on your mobile phone too. Gross.

It was reported this week that “90% of mobile phones are “coated with some kind of bacteria, including E.coli.” and “although 95 per cent of participants claimed to wash their hands with soap whenever they could, some 16 per cent of hands and phones contained E.coli.” Ewww.

This comes as no surprise to me as I’ve already written about witnessing grown men not washing their hands properly after doing their business. Despite the signs from public health posted in many washrooms, men still believe wetting your fingers under water for 3 seconds is proper washing technique. Men: you’re going to go home and touch your children later with your pee fingers and you’re all rubbing mobile phones with your poop bacteria all over your cheeks.

Why not just lick the toilet handle as it’s probably cleaner.  Manage your risk people. Wash your hands properly please.

Footnote: It wasn’t that long ago that one could regularly hear our neighbours in the bathroom stalls scrolling through their emails on their BlackBerry devices. Now that the devices have track pads and touch screens, I am sure they are still doing this, only it’s done silently.



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