Stairs risk management

Some interesting info on stairs to share wtih you. According to the book At Home by Bill Bryson, the second most common cause of accidental death is stairs. While stair deaths are well back of automobiles, they are far ahead of “drownings, burns, and other similarly grim misfortunes.”

The author notes that so much is spent on fire-related risk management but hardly any on preventing falls despite the cost of fall-related injuries. Why is that?

Some other stats from the book:

  • It seems you are likely to miss a step every 2222 occasions you use stairs.
  • You will need the hospital every 3.6 million uses.
  • Did you know that 90% of stairs-related injuries occur going down? (I have a few injured shins from the 10% category.)

Have a look at chapter 14 for more.

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