TV ad: With opportunity comes risk

I just heard a tv commercial for CME Group which was clearly written by someone on Madison Avenue who never read a risk management framework. Creative must of thought: “Let’s say the words ‘risk’ and ‘opportunity’ because it will sound businessy.” This idea was then pitched and someone at CME gave a  slow-clap and approved the campaign. When I heard the ad I had to take off my risk hat and scratch my head.

For those of us familiar with the Duality of Uncertainty (TM), and any ERM framework, we know that risks and opportunities are two sides of the same coin. This is why I found the text to this CME Group commercial confusing:

Each day our planet awakens with signs of opportunity.

But with opportunity comes risk.

And to manage this risk the world turns to CME Group.

We help farmers lock in futures prices, banks manage interest rate changes, and airlines hedge fuel costs. All so they can manage their risks and move forward. It’s simply a matter of following the signs. They all lead here.

CME Group. How the world advances.

Does opportunity cause risk? 

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