Here’s proof supporting my 2010 post about how people do not wear watches anymore because we have clocks on our smartphones. The Huffington Post features a list of 9 Gadgets that Smartphones Made Obsolete. Voice recorders Alarm clocks MP3 players Landline phones Video cameras GPS units Wristwatches Flashlights Point-and-shoot cameras

I just heard a tv commercial for CME Group which was clearly written by someone on Madison Avenue who never read a risk management framework. Creative must of thought: “Let’s say the words ‘risk’ and ‘opportunity’ because it will sound businessy.” This idea was then pitched and someone at CME gave a  slow-clap and approved the campaign. When I heard the ad […]

An article by Jared Wade in Risk Management Magazine references the death of luger Nodar Kumaritashvili and includes an email from VANOC head John Furlong relating to the safety concerns about the luge track raised before the Vancouver Games. Furlong wrote: “…someone could get badly hurt… An athlete gets badly injured or worse, and I […]

I was just reading one of my blog posts about ERM at Hydro One where I wrote that there were very few great case studies about ERM. Until today. I think this case study about ERM during the organizing of the Vancouver Winter Olympics in the RIMS Risk Management magazine is a close second to […]