Dora the Explorer and too much risk

I used to watch Dora the Explorer with my daughter, a cartoon about a “7-year-old girl who embarks on a trip in every episode in order to find something or help somebody”. In every show she consults the map in her backpack, known as Map, who tells Dora how to get to her destination.

What I found troubling was that Map always puts our protagonist in harm’s way. Always subjecting her to unnecessary risk.

For example, if Dora is trying to get to Grandma’s house or return her library books on time, Map never tells her to walk down that path and hang a left at the park. Map always takes Dora on these Indiana Jones adventures over crocodile infested waters, across the Dementor Forest, and through a protest in Tripoli.

Map is evil.

It is okay to take some risks to accomplish your objectives but sometimes there is no value in taking Extreme risks when the reward doesn’t justify it. There is a right amount of risk for the relative return but you shouldn’t put yourself in mortal danger to achieve your objectives.

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