During a break today, I was taking a look at the headlines at 680news.com. I most enjoyed the irony in the timing of MoneySense magazine’s announcement that Ottawa-Gatineau was ranked as the best place to live in Canada. Because at the same time, a 3.5-magnitute earthquake stuck the Ottawa Valley area. #FAIL

Physical security (graffiti?) is something that many risk professionals and auditors take seriously. Most organizations issue access cards to their employees, often configured differently to various floors or parts of the office. It’s well known that thieves will sometimes piggy back off someone coming into the office when polite employees hold the door open for strangers […]

I never would have predicted that a parent magazine would have been fodder for a risk management post but there it was on the coffee table begging to be read it like an infant crying for attention. It’s not surprising that states and provinces passed laws that ban talking and/or texting for drivers when, as […]

 A story in the National Post today describes the stats behind a decline of religious affiliation in many countries. A researcher explains: “There’ll be a continuing loss of membership among people who identify themselves as belonging to a religion. Over time, we could reach a time where society is dominated by people who claim religious non-affiliation”. […]

The book by Robert Sutton called The No Asshole Rule was brought to my attention by the blog Managed by Walking Around. I’ve read and enjoyed some of Sutton’s other books including those co-authored by Jeffrey Pfeffer and hope to get to this one shortly. With this in mind, I felt like writing about some […]

Unable to come up with any St Patrick’s Day risk management-related post, I was going to post a photo of me drinking a Guinness or Karissa Shannon in a green bikini. Guess which one I chose? http://coedmagazine.com/2011/03/17/karissa-shannon-st-patricks-day-beach-bikini-pictures/ (Photo removed, sorry.)

I used to watch Dora the Explorer with my daughter, a cartoon about a “7-year-old girl who embarks on a trip in every episode in order to find something or help somebody”. In every show she consults the map in her backpack, known as Map, who tells Dora how to get to her destination. What […]

I don’t portray myself to be either a statistician or an actuary but I do have the (mis)fortune of having some idea about how probabilities and odds work and often in risk management you have to evaluate the likelihood of things happening. In our everyday lives and business we often fabricate decisions to treat risks when […]

While it may appear to be a flagrant act of cross-blog-promotion, here’s Riskview’s brilliant response my post from this week called My appetite for risk and cheesecake. In my piece, I wrote about how my brother wanted to travel to Morocco while protests were going on in the Middle East and how my significant other wanted to drive to […]

On a trip to Portugal and Spain last month, my brother elected to take a minor detour and visited Morocco in the midst of “a revolution sweeping the Arab world” as he wrote on his blog. He was monitoring the protests in the other states and determined that despite minor rumblings in Morocco, the coast […]