Mark Zuckerberg is the new Moses

Something I read at Global Risk Community got me thinking about Mark Zuckerberg. Boris Agranovich summarized the impact of social media on current events in this post “Social media triggers a revolution in the Arab World“:

In the previous issue we warned about possible spreading the revolution in the Middle East region driven by Economic disparity  and global governance failures. For many years now, Tunisia, Egypt and other Arab countries have been stockpiling social, political and economic explosives and only a spark requires igniting a major unrest.

Social media and especially services such as Blogs, Twitter and Facebook help people to organize effectively and they provided a spark to ignite the region, especially in Egypt as we saw this week.

I do not usually like to get political, but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Mark Zuckerberg, inventor of Facebook, was born a Jew. (Although he now claims to be atheist is not important.) In risk management and Six Sigma, we often look for the root causes for risk events, and in this case Facebook is the poster child of root causes for these Arab revolutions. (Of course Orascom,  iPhones and BlackBerry devices were equality complicit, but history will say it was Facebook.)

I like a good bit of irony and similar to the way Moses freed his people from the Land of Egypt, in a twist, another Jew freed the Egyptians from the Land of Mubarak. Huh.

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