Rick Nason asks you to snap your fingers

Risk Nason, one of the members of Riskczar’s Secret League of Extraordinary Risk Gentlemen, asks his readers if they could snap their fingers and switch places with anyone in the world, who would it be. Similarly, he asks if you could switch places with anyone’s risk department, whose would it be? Can you name the organization?

While it’s hard to be specific, I’d be looking for an organization with a corporate culture that would be accepting of the sort of change management efforts that would be required if one was going to embed risk management as a systematic capability. This is to say, I would probably not go into an organization and try to build a risk management program if I reported to anyone other than the CEO or CRO; I would probably not want to lead risk management if it reported up through the CFO (especially if the individual is an accounting professional with an auditor’s view of what-is-risk-management). It is not fair to paint all accountants that way, as there are always exceptions but for the most part, CA/CPAs have a view of risk management (i.e., risk and control self-assessment, internal auditing) that doesn’t jive with mine.

What about you? How would you answer Rick’s question?

3 thoughts on “Rick Nason asks you to snap your fingers

  1. I know a couple of cats I’d work for under the “snap your fingers” rule.

    A “friend I trust” introduced me to a guy with an absurdly successful Wall Street bank. Unfortunately I can’t name the organization, though (here’s the cryptic bit) none other than George Custer would know the guy’s name.

    Having briefly worked for a big four accounting house, I’ll put in a word in the defense of the green eyeshade gang and say that some of them get it.

    If Mr. Nason wants me to name names, I’d say the guys in the pit at the commodities exchanges. They weigh the odds, accept their risks, laugh when they win, and drink when they lose. No finger-pointing or recriminations. Big boy rules. Hats off to them, and especially my friend Jamie, who went back to his locker to get his suit jacket even though the first WTC tower was about to drop, because – as he rightly guessed – he had time and the suit had cost a bundle.

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