Work vs Life II

I wrote a diatribe last year about work-life (im)balance and despite providing employees with tools like connectivity from their home pc, or laptops and BlackBerry devices, managers still do not (really) like employees working from home.  There is still a mentality that if your are not in your cubical after 5, you are not a hard worker. Incidentally, it doesn’t seem to matter if you are at your desk at 07:00…). Some managers try to promote it buy are caught between a rock and a hard place when their own boss frowns on it.

I came across a similar discussion in the November issue of Your Business magazine at the Globe and Mail website and figured it would compliment my earlier posting.

Someone wrote:

DEAR GURU: One of my employees has asked if she can telecommute two days a week. I feel pressure to say yes, since she has always made it clear that she left a large company to improve her work-life balance. But I’m worried that working from home just means taking the day off, and that, if I let her telecommute, I’ll have to let everyone work from home. What should I do?

Click on the link to read the responses and reader comments.

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