Facebook unfriend risk management

Have you ever wanted to delete a Facebook “friend” but worried about the risk of them finding out?  On the heels of last week’s “Facebook Unfriend Day” – an idea from comedian Jimmy Kimmel – comes a blog post called THE PERILS OF FACEBOOK ETIQUETTE by Terry Levine of Noggin Advertising in Toronto. (Ironically, Terry had no idea about the Kimmel thing until I mentioned it to him at lunch today. I think he’s more of a Coco fan.)

Terry illustrates the downstream effects of a recent Facebook unfriending event and how unfriending someone in the Social Media world can have lasting effects on real relationships. And though the data is anecdotal, isn’t most of enterprise risk management sort of the same way?

And when you’re done reading that post, you should also have a look at his 9 Facebook Etiquette Dos and Don’ts.

I try to limit my Facebook relationships to people I want to know and cap my friends at 100. I am not in the business of accumulating friends and rarely solicit others. I admit to having deleted friends in the past; but when I have, it’s where they friended me and I tried to interact with with a “how are you, what’s up email”  that went unanswered. Not a comment, a Like or a poke. With those sorts of friends, I don’t think there is much risk in cutting them loose.

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