the capital of washington is lower-case


Oh perhaps, I should re-write that for those of you with aged eyes who cannot read all capital letters.

thanks government of the usa.

aCCording To THis story iN usa tOday, beCause oF a nEw federaL highwAy reguLation, comMuniTies nOw have to chaNge stReet sigNs fRom aLlcaps to a coMBination of CapS aNd loWer-caSe letTers. ThiS wIll Make the sigNs eaSier tO reaD At a coSt oF aBout $30 tO $50 pEr siGn (tiMes hunDReds of siGns Per coMMunity) aNd uNCle sAm iS nOt picKinG Up thE tAb.

so tHis goT Me tHinking, PerhaPs the ProPerty aNd Casualty iNsuraNce compaNies shoulD paY fOr tHis. oNe Would thiNk thaT beTTer sigNs wIll gEt fEwer pEople loSt oR iN collisioNs foR dRiving the wRong Way dowN thE strEEt? ultiMately tHey sHould pAy foR tHis siNce thEy arE the onEs whO wiLL benEfit bY paYing oUt feWer aCCident bEnefits, rigHt?

BY tHe wAy, thE 816-pagE documEnt callEd thE maNual oN uNiform traffiC Control deviCes wAs wRitten bY someOne namEd ee cummings.

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