Cheaters and liars

The Globe and Mail is conducting a survey today asking respondents if they ever cheated on a test.

At the time this post was published, only 45% of people said Yes.  (Really!)

I find it very hard to believe that the answer isn’t 99%. I am no cheater but it’s pretty likely sometime in grade school you scribbled an acronym you couldn’t remember or a word you couldn’t spell on a desk  before the test; I bet in third grade you looked over at a neighbour’s sheet once.

For those self-righteous 55% of folks who claim they never cheated on a test, I bet more than 55% of you have cheated on your taxes or your spouses, lied on a résumé or a blind date. Isn’t that the same?

By the way, the best example of (clever) cheating I ever saw was in tenth grade Organic chemistry class when my friend Andrea wrote a phone number on her hand 482-0273 all in the hopes of helping her to remember that zero Kelvin or absolute zero was -273.

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