I read a blog post titled, How a Risk Manager Could Help Your Business where the author makes the point that any small business could benefit from a well trained risk manager. I agree. Well trained risk managers could work for any small business to clean its toilets, to operate its forklifts or slice meats […]

I received a nice email from John Fraser the other day, thanking me spreading the good word about ERM through this website. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mr. Fraser, he co-wrote what I consider to be the best 14 pages ever written about ERM: The Rise and Evolution of the Chief Risk […]

In a departure from my usual diatribes about risk management, I had some thoughts on work-life (im)balance. Some argue that work-life balance is a misnomer. I read it should be called work-life management since there never is a balance. The best one can do is to manage each one.  A recent study by the Canadian […]