G20 Friday – Eve of destruction

This is how most people and organizations predicted Friday would turn out: Eve of destruction. The expectation was that protests would build in Toronto throughout the work week and peak on Friday. To that end, most people planned on staying home today.

Perhaps it’s quiet right now because everyone is watching the Portugal-Brazil match. (Even anarchists like the World Cup action.)

On my way in today, the commuter train was about 1/3-full and less than yesterday. The weather was nice and the police seemed to outnumber the commuters walking up Bay Street. On the northwest corner of Front/Bay there were a couple of golf carts being driven by guys in red shirts carrying cold beverages for the officers which was a nice touch. I also saw a couple of ATVs with “Police” written on them parked in front of Royal Bank Plaza. I would like to see a police chase on those!

There were two young tuffs walking in front of me as well: a couple of white teens wearing their jeans at their knees, baseball caps turned backwards, and having a smoke. Those dudes did not fit in. An officer asked them what they were up to and one replied that they were going downtown for the day. This was certainly suspicious at 8:20 AM.

Like they say, the day ain’t over yet.

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