G20 update – Day 4

Day 4. This is the day we have been waiting for.

The first three days of this week were like a dress rehersal. We took precautions, had folks working from home just in case, but the real test was going to be Thursday. Today. This is when we expect all the crazies to show up and throw plastic bottles to protest the oil companies…

We had some excitement yesterday in the Toronto area with the Earthquake and then a twister touched down in Midland, Ontario last night, that we almost forgot about the G20 business. But I was reminded once I got off my half-empty commuter train and saw the fences and cops lining Bay Street.

If frogs start falling from the sky, I am so outta here.

Fortunately, the Starbucks line was short once again thus ensuring I get my bold a few moments sooner. See, some good comes out of this G20 event.

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