G20 update – Day 3

Day 3. Yawn.

All is still quiet. Perhaps this is the equivalent of the opening act: people only show up for the headliner and the opening acts often play to a partially filled venue. Headliner goes on the main stage on Friday.

I took a walk in the PATH yesterday afternoon – this is the underground network of malls and paths that connect all the buildings in the downtown. It was nice to see dozens of private security folks and police officers walking around trying not to be too bored. It felt safe and unlike what I suppose seeing armed police at the Galleria Mall in Pyongyang, North Korea feels like.

So far commuter trains have been leaving Union Station as usual and no disruptions that I’ve heard about. Starbucks line is flowing normally.

Police just arrested someone for a G20-related crime and it will be interesting to see what that is all about.

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