G20 update – Day 1

It’s Monday, Day 1 leading up to the G20 which starts in Toronto on the weekend. Downtown Toronto is wrapped in fences. On my 3 block walk from Union Station to King Street, I saw no fewer than 20 local police and RCMP patrolling and congregating on corners.

I’ve heard at least three accounts of friends driving in to the city and experiencing less traffic that usual. Less. My litmus test was the absence of a line at the Starbucks at First Canadian Place. Got my grande bold sooner today!

This does not surprise me as I predicted as much. With most financial institutions going into partial BCP-mode, lots of people are “working from home” today. Thursday and Friday should be an especially quiet when the rest of the troopers who came in this week, stay home. It will be just like the day after an averted snow storm when people plan to stay away but no snow falls.

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