John Adams: Making God Laugh

If you have not had a chance to read this gem, have a look at John Adams’ “Making God laugh: a risk management tutorial“.

He writes:

The words “risk” and “management” sit uncomfortably alongside each other. Many people believe that it is possible to distinguish “real”, “actual” or “objective” risk from “perceived” risk. But all risk is perceived. It is a word that refers to the future, a future that exists only in our imaginations.

Those who call themselves risk managers purport to be able to manage the future. They are oblivious to Woody Allen’s hubris puncturing question “How do you make God laugh?” Answer “Tell him your plans.”

Click on the link above to go to the article.

Also, have look at this one called “Risk management: it’s not rocket science – it’s more complicated”.

What he writes reminds me of something Beaumont Vance wrote about being a risk manager. Since you are trying to predict the future, you may as well call yourself a fortune teller. Plus it sounds way cooler to introduce yourself as a fortune teller at cocktail parties as opposed to a risk manager.

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