The big story in Toronto this week is the number of pedestrians getting killed by vehicles. An “epidemic”, one no-talent Canadian news anchor who colours his hair said tonight. About 14 people have been killed so far this month (which apparently is more than is allowed). The public and police are shocked by these events. […]

I’ve been writing this blog almost every day since August and I’ve been rewarded by your positive feedback and over 6000 hits. In this period, I’ve reported about many ERM-related events: the S&P calls ERM “highly important”; while others suggested ERM should be a “way of life”, called it “vital”, said it would be a […]

There is a link on the homepage for their latest ERM survey conducted in 2009 Q3. Aon writes: The study was designed to show the extent to which ERM has been successfully implemented across organizations globally; the effect ERM has had on harmonizing organizational needs, culture and stakeholder requirements; and how ERM is being […]

Tim Leech’s IIA blog discusses some of the many risk management designations and certification available and whether or not one of these may be the cost of entry in the future. I would like to know if anyone out there is interested in replying to this post with thoughts, pros, cons, benefits, etc., for the […]

I would like bring to your attention the blog by Donald van Deventer from the Kamakura Corporation.  We may both write about risk management but on a risk management scale, Don is to Thomas Jefferson what I am Bart Simpson. Don is the real deal. He writes about his experiences in risk management with quotes […]