Top 10 Must Read ERM Articles

In a survey conducted during the Fall of 2007 by The Conference Board of Canada titled, “Who Reads What Most Often? A Survey of Enterprise Risk Management Literature Read by Risk Executives”, authors listed the top ten articles used by leading ERM practitioners (in order of year published). I’ve reprinted the list here with links to the respective documents or abstracts.

It’s no surprise that Mr. Kloman is on this list. For those of you new to the study of risk management, I recommend getting your hands on everything he has written. I’ve re-posted some of his work at site but I recommend you go buy his books.

H. Felix Kloman’s Risk Management Reports and Mumpsimus Revisited: Essays on Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management at Hydro One Inc.

The CRO is Here to Stay by James Lam

Enterprise Risk Management: The Case of United Grain Growers by Harrington, Niehaus, and Risko

The Effect of Corporate Governance on the Use of Enterprise Risk Management: Evidence from Canada by Kleffner, Lee, and McGannon

The Rise and Evolution of the Chief Risk Officer: Enterprise Risk Management at Hydro One by Aabo, Fraser and Simkins

Enterprise Risk Management: An Empirical Analysis of Factors Associated with the Extent of Implementation by Beasley, Cluen, Hermanson

Mastering Uncertainty by FT and Ernst & Young

Emerging Best Practices in Developing Key Risk Indicators and ERM Reporting by James Lam

Incorporating Strategic Risk into Enterprise Risk Management: A Survey of Current Corporate Practice by Gates

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