COSO ERM book is like an 8-Track player

I have to give my props to Harry Cendrowski and William C. Mair of Cendrowski Corporate Advisors for writing a book about enterprise risk management, but writing one titled “Enterprise Risk Management and COSO: A Guide for Directors, Executives, and Practitioners,” with the word “COSO” right there in the title is troubling to me.

The authors note: “Two comprehensive foundations for risk assessment developed by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission – COSO’s ‘Internal Control–Integrated Framework’ and the ‘Enterprise Risk Management–Integrated Framework’ – serve as the foundation for detailed chapters on risk management.


I don’t know how you feel, but publishing a book based on COSO ERM in the same week that ISO published 31000 is sort of like a company coming out with new and improved 8-Track tape player the same week Apple introduced the iPod.

COSO ERM is so last year.

2 thoughts on “COSO ERM book is like an 8-Track player

  1. Books like ours are planned at least a year in advance. Your comment about the 8 track player and COSO ERM is so last year demonstrates your lack of in depth knowledge in this area.

  2. I sort of agree about the 8-track player. When one write a book, shouldn’t he/she always look around, adopt and upgrade as necessary? Not just using the current knowledge to be launch the year after..

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