Marcano rants about the misuse of “mitigate”

I came across a great post by Antony Marcano who rants about the misuse of the word “mitigate”. (For your information, this post is considered great because I agree with it.)

You can read his entire post here:

Mr. Marcano, a “lover of language”, dislikes it that mitigate is over used as a risk management strategy. As I have written about before, as a fan of 4360 and Felix Kloman, I prefer to use the term “risk treatment” because mitigate is merely one form of treatment. Even Mr. Marcano sort of gets that one wrong but he is “no risk management expert” either.

He also gets quite irate at the use of the word probability instead of likelihood; I am not sure if I misuse these terms too, but I think from now I am only going to use likelihood unless I am using some hard quantitative data in my assessment. According to this post, there are “mathematical connotations” associated with probability.

Finally, Mr. Marcano also points out an acronym called MARTA which I will write about in my next post.

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