I enjoyed this article about the ascent of the Chief Risk Officer, The chief risk officers are coming, published in July 2009 by Lloyds. Specifically, the differences between the risk manager and the CRO are interesting as described by Peter den Dekker, president of FERMA, the association of European risk managers. The CRO is member […]

Originally posted by Riskview on October 12, 2009 I have started to get bothered by the way that the word RISK is used to mean almost anything – noun verb adjective. It makes it almost impossible to understand what someone is trying to say about a risk or risk management topic. I am probably even […]

Here is the latest white paper from KPMG called The Business Case for a Risk Executive: Leading Efforts to Avoid Surprises, Maneuver through Challenges, and Add Value. (See link below.) Big title. Fortunately, the paper is only 12 pages in length when you include the canned metaphorical Getty images of the guy looking through binoculars […]

Here is an example of a press release by S&P for Endurance American Insurance Co. where they note that the organization’s management and enterprise risk management capabilities were assessed as part of their rating: Credit analyst Taoufik Gharib added: “The ratings on Endurance reflect our opinion that the group has established a strong track record […]

Here is a pretty good article by Dale E. Jones, vice chairman and partner with Heidrick & Struggles, published at boardmember.com in which he writes about a report by the National Association of Corporate Directors. Jones notes that the report “identified four critical areas that will warrant greater attention by directors in the coming days; […]