Risk management: ya, there’s an app for that too

CS STARS, a business unit of Marsh, has developed an application for iPhone allowing users to access risk-management dashboards right from the device.

According to the announcement: “CS STARS LLC offers technical solutions for risk-management professionals, as well as for insurance carriers and third-party administrators. The company assists these parties by delivering integrated software and services for risk, claims and compliance management. STARS Enterprise, the company’s primary software platform, supports comprehensive risk management, enterprise risk management (ERM) and compliance and safety management, according to the official report.

The link to the app can be found here: http://handheld.softpedia.com/get/Business/STARS-Enterprise-85873.shtml

I would be delighted to try out this app and provide a complete review if someone would kindly send me an iPhone please. Please contact me at riskczar@gmail.com for my complete mailing address.

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