Business Under Fire

There are a series of articles published by RiskTech which are quite interesting on risk management in various industries; the one I read was on hotel risk management but it only scraped the surface of hotel risk management. (BTW, the author tweets @Brian_Barnier.)

This made me think of a book I read a few years ago called Business Under Fire by Dan Carrison. The book describes how Israeli businesses in the face of terrorist attacks need to find new ways of operating their businesses, including hotels.

The author writes: “The terrorist is, after all, one’s competitor from hell, who is out to destroy one’s capacity to operate a bus company or a hotel, restaurant, airline…”

Very inspiring and a must read for anyone looking to link their business strategy to their BCP.

Business Under Fire: How Israeli Companies Are Succeeding in the Face of Terror — and What We Can Learn from Them

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